Third coast games

Friendswood’s friendly local game store

with 1,500 sq ft of game and hobby space.

Games we play

Third Coast Games carries a variety of tabletop games for you and your family. We have roleplaying games, including Dungeons and Dragons and many others. If you’ve never tried one of the less famous games, check it out – there are a lot of fun games to be played! We also have a lot of miniature wargames, including fantasy, science fiction, and historical. The big ones are Warhammer, Flames of War (WW2), and Bolt Action (WW2), but we also have games for airplanes and naval battles, as well as older conflicts. Our boardgame collection includes a lot of the new classics, as well as just plain new games to try out. So we have a place for everyone to come and shop around, play some games and have some fun, with really only one rule: Don’t be a jerk!

Events Calendar

become a

third coaster

Members of our monthly membership program receive a number of Third Coaster perks:
•  10% discount off of everything in the store, except for consignments
• Complimentary access to one of our lockers, pending availability. (You provide the lock)
• Free swag every once in a while (basically, when J gets something cool)
• Complimentary bottle of water (1/day)
All of this for only $40/month, charged to your card at the first of each month. There is no commitment to continue, just let us know with at least seven days written notice that you would like to cancel.


hobby university

For those of you that don’t know, our owner has been a teacher for over twenty years. He loves to share what he knows with new students in any field he can. With that in mind, he created Hobby University, or HobbyU, at Third Coast Games. We will be scheduling classes for roleplaying, GM-ing, minis painting, and how-to-play demos for a variety of games. There may even be the occasional lecture over wargaming related topics. J is trying to make arrangements with established professionals to act as guest teachers, either in person or via the internet. If there is a particular subject in which you are interested, email and we can discuss it. If there’s enough interest, we will do our very best to accommodate.

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third coast games

Find us at our new and improved location at 607 S. Friendswood Drive as of April 1st, 2024 We welcome all sorts of games and gamers.