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Our Story

J Womack, the owner of Third Coast Games, has been involved in
tabletop games for over 40 years. He began playing Dungeons & Dragons
in 1980, with a purple box purchased at the grocery store. J is also a
5th generation Texan, with roots that go back to the Republic of Texas
days in 1837. That sort of explains the whole Texas Pride theme he has
cultivated for the store’s image.

When his lovely wife encouraged him to finally open a store early in 2021, he jumped at the chance. He had a few goals in mind: to grow the community, to ‘normalize’ tabletop gaming, to have a place where people could enjoy games, and a place that was clean and friendly with no stinky gamers. To that end, J implemented Rule #1: Don’t be a Jerk. That means that you are free to be who you are, as long as you aren’t keeping your fellow gamers from enjoying themselves, too.

Our Mission

The mission of Third Coast Games is to provide a premium game store experience and to help grow the gaming community in  the Friendswood/League City/Webster area. We provide a comfortable and welcoming space for everyone to gather and play games together and carry a variety of products to encourage exploration of new  kinds of games.        

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Our Team

The Owner

J Womack

J is the owner of Third Coast Games. He’s been playing roleplaying games and wargames for over 40 years, and he will happily discuss it all with you given half a chance. He’s also a teacher by profession,
so he likes to introduce people to new games. His wife of many long-suffering years (for her) is not a gamer, sadly, but she has many other fine qualities, including encouraging him to open a game store. She had only two conditions: it has to be clean and no stinky gamers! (There may have been a negative incident at a game store early in their dating days…) J’s sons are grown now, but they are both gamers of one sort or another, and Dane works for him now.

the Minions


J met Dane about 25 years ago, on the day he was born.  Dane enjoys roleplaying games and some boardgames as well. He is also a fan of a lot of video games, anime, and other geeky things. He came to work for his dad in June of 2023


 J met Evan about seven years ago when he was looking for a new RPG group. They still play every other week. He also plays Warhammer 40K and is a member of the store’s wargaming team. Evan helps us out by working Friday evenings and filling in sometimes when needed.


Megan started as a regular customer at the store about two years ago. She is a big fan of many roleplaying games and boardgames as well as just being  a really nice  person. J is hoping to get her addicted to painting minis soon.



We are not currently hiring, but we always accept applications!