Popular Questions

Why do I have to pay for a place to play?

We do offer free play space on a first-come, first-served basis. But to reserve our premium tables, rooms, and terrain, we charge a small fee. You get four hours of fun for less than what it costs to go bowling or to the movies.

How do I get a locker?

Lockers are a complimentary service for our monthly members, Third Coasters, assigned on an as available basis. Lockers may also be rented on a daily basis by non-members for a small fee.

Do you offer classes or demos?

Yes, we will be offering both hobby classes and demo games.

Do you have video games?

No, we don’t carry video games. There are many fine options for that kind of entertainment in the area.

I heard once that Dungeons & Dragons was a Satanic thing. What’s up with that?

Well, that urban myth goes back a ways, into the early 80s. Thanks to a couple of sensationalized and tragic stories in which someone involved happened to be a gamer, D&D (and by association, all RPGs) got a lot of negative attention. It got worse when Jack Chick published one of his tracts about it, making it seem like playing D&D was a Satanic ritual and that players would kill themselves over the game. It’s utter nonsense.

How do I find your store?

We are located inside the building. Use the doors numbered 3208 between the dollar store and the candy place. Our entrance is the second door on the right (just follow the signs).

Do you sell on consignment?

Yes, we will sell some of your items on consignment for you. Come in and talk to a member of staff about it.

Why not just play at home for free?

There are many reasons why someone might not want to play in their home: roommates, small children, pets, not wanting to clean up before/after, simply not having enough space for everything or everyone

Do you sell online?

No, we are a brick and mortar friendly local game store (FLGS).

What is Rule #1?

Rule #1 is “Don’t be a jerk.” We want our store to be a comfortable place for everyone. If something you are doing is making that difficult for others, we will ask you to either stop it or leave.

What about board games?

Yes! We have a variety of board games available. We are also going to have Board Game Night events in the future, a chance to play games with new people.

So tell me about this monthly membership thing?

Our Third Coasters membership gives our regular customers a 10% discount on purchases, access to lockers (as available), free swag, and more, all for just $30 a month. Ask a staff member for more details or a membership form.

Do you buy or sell card singles?

No, we only carry packs. There are several other stores in the area that buy and sell single cards.

Do you buy used games and minis?

We buy used games and minis on a very particular basis based on quality, condition and popularity. You will need to talk to J about it, so please, call first before you bring items in.